Territories are just useless

i am watching for long time ,that now a days no one care much about territories.They are just useless, developers should start some tournament for them or either increse perks we are getting from them.

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Or just delete them


I use the 20% survivors gained all the time…so no.


They aren’t useless. I use the world energy speed up, survivors, crits, xp for level ups and xp for player levels. What needs to be done is take getting league trophies from them because people are lazy and dont always add teams or are just being d bags and not adding them because they think this helps them in leagues.


Or they could just give league points for clearing walkers. But no, probably requires too much “programming” or something.


Removing it would be a great idea. At least I could play the game without the freaking pop-ups!!!

No thanks that’s completely against how league trophies are handed out

I think part of the problem is that they give out league points. If they just removed that, people would keep territories for other reasons and other factions won’t attack just for the purpose of leagues.


This wouldnt fix the problem of terrs being left to walkers it would make it worse and people could just farm league points from leaving terrs at walkers. The way it is now its limited.

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Everything suits me. I can take crit and put an arsenal. I can take an increase in HP when pumping, + 40% surviving. it’s fine.

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People that need terrie boosts are noobs

No they are smart

Lmao yeah cause you said so dude totally

Territories are useful. Bugged-out territories filled with walkers are not.

A lot of people aren’t aware of their benefits. They just grab and walker for points, they’re idiots.

A smart faction knows what to hold and when.

No dude not because i say so. Why wouldn’t you get xp terrs during a level up for extra xp per survivors fed into a toon? Why wouldn’t i get 40% extra survivors when farming.
I imagine you have no idea how to play the game competitively or otherwise so ill just save the time of further explaining the obvious benifits dude…

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