Territories are broken


Sometimes When i try to take a territory it says that there is no match to be found and then it throws me out to the loading screen. Its the same When my faction mates try it. Could this please be fixed? Its not the first time this happens and its super annoying…


Territories have been broken since the day they launched. They will never fix it. :grin:

What would be better is to scrap the whole damn thing Its crap.


Well i like the idea about it. The whole aspect of capturing landmarks with your group, and then getting some stuff for Holding it.

… But yeah they probably never Will :frowning:


Yeah but even if you take all the bugs out it’s pointless in its current state. It needs a total overhaul. What’s the point for holding 4 or 5 spots in a section? Nothing worthwhile. Who wants four star tokens? No one. Why can people troll by turning spots over to the walkers? Our number one faction does this almost all the time with the weapon spots to just be an ass because they left the crafting group.

Like most things in the game they take something good and screw it up and leave it to rot.


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