Territories - Anyone else like it?

I think it’s fun. So do my faction mates. We work together for the GREATER GOOD!

Honestly tho, it takes a lot of teamwork.

Happy Humblebrag day!


Honestly, I think the rewards for this are at minimal at best & utterly bogus at worst, certainly not worth the effort & time needed to win & maintain them.

That being said, I still attack to take territories and but in defence to keep them, only to keep faction mates happy though, seriously couldn’t give a fuck tbh.


Only useful ones are extra xp earned and weapon crit, rest are mediocre.

Our faction keeps xp and Adrenalin rush chance. We have a armary faction in our realm for weapons so we got all we need to keep

Boring. Nothing about it is fun, nor most of the game.

Glad you like it though, never heard anyone admit it.

you have to be one of the few that likes it. Rate of tokens is poor. Only thing that matter to me are armory and in lesser interest the XP/survivor boosts.

But if I saw a map like the one in the picture, our fac would go apeshit on it, just because no faction should have that much ground covered :rofl:

We are constantly at war with all the other factions on our server. No one else, not even the top guys, are able to hold this much ground consistently. It takes a lot of planning and teamwork, but we all partake. It’s nice, cuz I’ve actually pulled a few Benedict’s already from the tokens. :slight_smile:

damn nice… in our region, when the shield goes down, you lose it. Not because the other fac wants it but because you have it :joy: