Territories and Town

Hello, is there any news on updates to territories? Updates to rewards in territories? Not worth even trying to hold any territories anymore with such low low rewards…

Any updates on town?

Thank You


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If I was u I’ll be asking to fix the bugs first

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which ones?

I know you are right but some information would be nice…also if there are plans to extend the story mode…enjoyed those and that’s what got me hooked on the game.

U telling me that ur one not experiencing bugs?

I maybe get 1 territory crash every 2 or 3 days…what bugs are you talking about?

Why are u asking me if u r playing the game lol thats irrelevent

Yeah I am asking that is why I put a question mark… why you being difficult, when you are the one brought up the bugs.

What was the point of even bringing up bugs when my post was asking for information on territory and town updates…

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Cus u r wright such lengthy complexe sentences its not it right to ask this if you’re playing the game

They just need to make it take less energy, or no energy, to clear zombies. That would solve everything.

Only dumbos spend 5 energy clearing zombies to get 5% defense boost lol

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Who is that for?

Scopes will fix bugs when you put a shirt, i guess neither are ever gonna happen.

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