Territorie Bug that Afflicts Us All

Ever plan on fixing the bug that kicks us out and costs us energy?
Asking for a friend.


No, but check out this new premier!


Nope! But get this can offer from the shop if you want more energy! Keep surviving!

I still have this problem ever since the leagues stuff was made. I tell scopely often, they just keep fixing other things and doing updates but not this

They won’t do it since its not a priority for them,i mean why would you fix something that makes players spend more on cans

I saw some bullshit response on the forum somewhere from JB which basically was them trying to say that it’s our shite phones.


Scopely logic is like hey man here’s a dollar and I’m gonna sell it to you for 200 bucks but just as an special offer for you…
Actually it’s even worse here since they’re just giving you pixel and not even the fuckin dollar , man fuck that

Ask yourself this and you will know what will be fixed and what will not.

Does it affect scopelys bottom line, does it lose them money/potential sells? If yes then it will be fixed in minutes

Does it cost them money, do they have to spend money, resources, time etc and make ignu actually work? If yes then no it will never be fixed or at least not for several years

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