Terribletories glitch


Kinda pointless asking but does everyone else’s Territores crash at least twice every 10 attacks. Are we loosing league points because of this?


Yes, and yes. Scopes will be right on this, after a year :roll_eyes:


Well in the latest beta update territories still crash but at least the made it so we can long press to collect all the territory rewards at once lol.


Absolutely terrible issue, this is still happening.


Recently i replied to a post about that.
It looks like when teams are kicked out of a territory, game crashes.
And yesterday i noticed another case.
If you clear a territory that belongs to a faction and drop it to walkers, it takes some time to show that on map. During this time if the map is not updated to appear white, and you attack to another territory then game crashes.
Just wait for the changes to the map and then you can go for other attacks without crash.


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