Terrible , words words words words words

Can whoever is in charge of prizes fix this?

this is what I got for an entire weekend of crw, these are not podium rewards, these are I barely played handouts.


Well, Duane is gonna be ascendable soon so that’s not that bad of a reward really…

That’s not the ascendable version…


Smh…not even gonna argue…

You can tell it’s the non-ascendable version because it dropped :frowning:
The ascendable one is an elusive little bugger

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As per: [NEW] Ascendance List [Posted 4/2018]

Ascendable Duane is not “days gone by”, but rather, this one:


I feel your pain. I don’t even bother to pull anymore. Just let the tokens stack. It’s less depressing.


Oh damn!! My bad, I’m glad I used mine for fodder than before that list was released!!

Apologies to the OP and replier.

Give us various ascendable toons for the top 15 places Scopely!!! Make people wanna play this game again.

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Ascendable Duane is available in the depot.

Damnit, I knew I shouldn’t have come back and looked at that list. I didn’t wanna know what mistakes I made

Foddered 3 Carly’s, 1 Rose, 1 Kenny


Kept 1 Kenny for SR, 1 Andrea just because of the old all Andrea teams, 1 Wanderer since he appeared in the depot.

Hindsight is always 20/20

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Haven’t seen him yet on mine.

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I feel your pain. I pulled a Christmas negan my 3rd. Such junk! Coukd use a canteen but the RNG crate gives me only GPS’s. Thats why OG players like me are simply walking away. Things have declined so far we are just tired of waiting for things to get better. Fix your game Scopley or just shut it off.

No hate intended to OP, but you knew rewards before you warred. You also knew that the likelihood that you would get anything even useable in the game was less than 5%. That, my friend, is the definition of insanity. You knew you were gonna get shit rewards, yet you still decided to put a lot of time or coins into it. Scopely notices that and says, why would we give better rewards? Want better rewards? Go casual, stop spending, stop tapjoy (yes, scopely makes money off of that), stop supporting a company that doesnt support you with proper rewards. Until that happens, you will never see better anything.


I know them feels. This is after buying 4 GPS and 0 canteens in the current event.


yeah I get what you’re saying, what I’m saying is effort shouldn’t be rewarded with randomness

Knowing you’re going to get F’d in the A doesn’t make it hurt less :joy:

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I got Darlene

Pride is the only thing worth left playing for at the moment. The rewards have been horrible ever since six stars were introduced. The fact that they don’t understand that it’s much harder to win crw than region wars is mind boggling. The prizes are exactly the same. Prizes need to be scaled differently in order for people to care more.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree with that sentiment. I’m just saying that for months we have seen people lamenting the same topic on these forums. Clearly, everyone’s complaints are being ignored. There is only one way to affect change in the system and I am just pointing out on each of these posts that instead of complaining about it, we need to take action as a whole. And until the whales get in board as well, nothing will change. It’s funny that they are the hardest to get to stop spending seeing as this problem affects them more than anyone.

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Yup in a pretty similar situation.