Terrible Prizes AGAIN


Scopely cant do their job. We need VK. Everybody needs VK in their life.


@Twisty ok but I heard a complaint before that refutes what you are saying. Someone was trying to argue the point that when new players come into the game they shouldn’t be able to get the same kind of toons they had spent 2 years on working hard towards getting. A lot of us forget to think about new players who just might have started playing this game a month ago, or even today. I don’t think new players should be able to come into this game either and just get all kinds of awesome rewards because they joined the right faction or got lucky.

They should have to work just as hard as any of us had to do to get everything we have instead of coming in day one or day 30 and getting whatever toon you would think is amazing and the best. Which red clem are we talking about here? I have “All That Remains” red/alert Clementine. I agree that she sucks, is it the same one in the rewards? I don’t think that they should change it though because their might be a lot of people that don’t have her and might want her, or just want it for collection purposes or whatever, and you never know, one day down the line she might be an ascendance toon.


I agree and for about a year I’ve been suggesting that newer regions should have newer prize scales

A region 2 years old shouldn’t be fighting for a toon that came out 15 months ago

I agree newer regions should have to work hard like older regions have to build up

But that’s on scopely to differ prizes

Ps, how many rib cage accounts are there at this point lol


As far as VK goes, they are cutting into Scopely profits I would assume. Scopely would do something about it if someone else was cutting into their profits, I would assume. So something will be done about it. The only way Scopely wouldn’t do anything about it is if they know about who is selling the VK stuff and have no problem with it and it is a side hustle for the company. That is another assumption. I have faith in Scopely to take care of it and get something done about it in time. They could possibly bring charges against this guy and see him in court one day, or other possibilities. That will take care of the root of the problem. Why can’t you guys just stay away from VK?

@Twisty everybody wants to be R18-C4G3, except for you of course. This guy is a poser. I am the OG.

@KillerKen next time can you post screenshots? You don’t have to, but for convenience of everyone, because not everyone goes to VK. It would help to have a visual .


You are clearly the best imposter. :crazy_face:


@Unknownnn I am clearly the OG and you would know that! That is why your name is Unknownnn because Shane took my name away from you, gave it back to me, and now you are just Unknownnn. :joy:


Vk originally got most of their traffic for leaks , I and many others just like to know what’s to come, we have a crafter faction in our region and would be gutted if one of our guys got locked in there because an unexpected faction event dropped.
Scopely have tried to compete with the leaks ( which is ridiculous, how can vk know the prizes before @kalishane) vk can only get the info once scopely programme it in, surely the programmer could email kali on that day saying “Hey these will be the prizes” as for the imposters , that’s just lame


These prizes were given pre-ascension release and the clem was given as a lower rank prize before than 2nd. This is just poorly cobbling an event prize together with crappy selection of milestones.


@walker_ninja I never said I disagree with any of you though, not once. You can see my whole point, the countless threads being made just to complain about crappy rewards. OP could have put his post in the Prize & Reward Feedback! thread started by @kalishane. :man_facepalming:


lmao this comparison :joy::joy: made me laugh


wow what a surprise another thread drowned in ribcage comments. i thought you weren’t gonna come to the new forums? I am gonna search for the block option right now. your a sad person


i was referring to the old forums where you drowned every post in your drivel. i hope it won’t be the same here


He didn’t. He split into pieces forming several new Rib Cages. Like a star fish. Look at the Bible. Clearly, Rib Cages have that power.

That is why we have so many Rib Cages. They’re all the real Rib Cage! Yet, none of them are.


Im obliged to agree. Blue rom and red clem are massively outdated. They are just ascension fodder now. May aswell of put benedict for first and second. 3rd is the best prize here, may result in a carl or shiva from the wheel. Actually i dont think anything on the wheel is worse than red clem. And prestige points??? Arent they supposed to be given for loyalty when logging in each day? Making them peizes are absurd. Another let down :disappointed:


Oh my god you are are retarded Scopley. Like what the hell?

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