Terrible Prizes AGAIN


Whoever chooses the prizes for events needs to be removed from that job, they clearly have no idea what they are doing. PRESTIGE TOKENS ARE NOT A PRIZE. 2 MILLION POINTS FOR A WHETSTONE IS INSANE. You lose people every event this way, its a shame.


Red clementine for the second place is a bad joke too


Where these prizes hurt me

Where these prizes won’t hurt me
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Prizes are getting worse and worse. 2 million points for 1 whetstone, really? No wonder people cheat.


I check vk to see if prizes are going to be worth my time, effort and money .

If the prizes are not desirable I can cycle in a lower faction guy for some free prizes in my place


You shouldn’t complain, scopely is doing their best


I was waiting raid faction and level up faction as planned in event Calendar. We’ll see what happen… :metal:


I truly hope these leaks get changed before they go live. Factions preparing for faction events and then getting dumped on with junk prizes and a solo event. C’mon guys, don’t drop the ball.


Prizes suck from A to Z. People complain about 1 million milestone being too high, scopely comes up with 2 million!? wtf you are completely disconected guys. Why raid tournament rewards always sucks??? I have 400 raid refills. You need to change ALL the rewards for this week end. Thank you


thats where the prizes are listed, duh


Tell me why there is a reward/prize suggestion thread??? TELL ME!!!


:man_facepalming:t3: bad joke


People would complain afterwards. Who cares when ? They dont like the prizes no matter when they see them.


Nobody checks prizes so they can complain about them, that would just be stupid. They check hoping that the prizes will be good. And if you don’t like the content of this thread, why don’t you just stay off of it. You know, like you’re telling us to do as far as VK is concerned.


maybe you dont mind losing players on your team due to the shitty prizes, but every player on my team is a monster and every loss hurts. I get the feeling it doesnt matter to you because you would never win these prizes anyway


This is VK rewards for their event. Take note scopely how to give good rewards to loyal customer. If you are not able to provide please sell the game to VK they are doing a good job and they are dedicated.


I m curious. How many other online games are like two:rts, where the company keeps the tournament prizes a secret?



  1. prizes are highly uninspiring
  2. vk leaks are embarassing


I think it takes several people flagging it to auto hide it

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good scopely whinge as much as the next not “dedicated” player

But after 2 years on the game , Red clem is not a desirable 5* to anyone in my whole region or any of the other veteran players and regions that house the “whales”

Any prize at this point should be an already or in the very near future ascendbale toon, prizes used to be able to help you compete with the meta ? Red clem does not help


@WhitePaladin None that I can think of. It shouldn’t really be a secret and they should tell us a week in advance or 2-3 days in advance so we can prepare and know what kind of rewards we can expect and if it will even be worth our time. I agree with you on that. I even asked customer support about that myself and they said they aren’t able to do that. It is really bogus but I deal with it. When I don’t get my way I don’t complain, I deal with it.