Terrible & Misleading Offers

2nd box has a 100% chance for a Burt, or better, which may as well say a 100% chance for a Burt.


Uncommon trainer and up lolololol holy crap that is ridiculous


100% chance of getting something

How to get around loot crate laws 101


Seriously who buys these things? I’ve yet to see someone have the courage to admit to it but someone has to otherwise they would stop making them.

I don’t, but I often open them to look what the possibilities are for a laugh.

Probably new players that don’t really understand the game.

Then again, sandpaper for 930 coins…

I know some people pres 13 who would buy them all just because they have a lot of money and don’t care. These people are terrible at investing obviously.

Same. I have a good laugh too then I shake my head.

Talk about your sweet deal. :rofl:

Anyone think they will ever update half of the useless and outdated crap in the game? My money is on never.

I thought the same thing. They could say active trainer x%, we trainer y%, general trainer z%, this seems like they are truely mailing it home and give 0 fks at this point.100% chance of stuff.

If they weren’t forced to disclose odds they would never have.

Always assume the booby prize is set at 98% because it is.

You’re being optimistic.

Think he meant 99.8 %

Some of those bags are ok, not current one, but the last one :slight_smile: