Terrible Faction prizes

It feels like more and more people are being driven from the game due to the fact that you’re giving out faction level up prizes that are basically farmable. First prize is one Elite item and what amounts to basically one or two pieces of gear. How much Worse is it going to get? You are discouraging the team element of the game by giving out god-awful prizes that aren’t worth the resources that are spent on them. Even the Milestone prizes are better than the rank prizes. I’d like to see the survey in which people voted to get screwed more and more for faction level events.


Yet they wonder why their data shows more activity in solo events smh


pretty sure they dont wonder… its made by them and they want it that way

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And some are leaving because the game is just too boring now with nothing to offer but repetitive events and horrible prizes. A new player would get bored with this game in a week. I do not recommend people play this game unless things change for the better and quite frankly nothing will ever change. Story missions were ignored for a year which sucks and now everything is stale.


Totally agree… there was a point when I asked friends to join in and play prior to ascendance… now the rewards are awful and new players barely can even get a 5* forget about legendaries… There are just no avenues to get the things you need for new F2P players


I cannot imagine starting to play now would be insane

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