Terrible customer service response - BEWARE

There was a “Raid energy + more” bag in shop and after buying the bag found out that it actually contained no chance at raid energy :joy: after contacting support I was told I am responsible for my actions :man_shrugging: Yet obviously they take no responsibility for falsely advertising a bad for fear of being unfair to other players when I am the only player impacted by this… absolutely disgraceful response from ROMEO.


Did you screenshot the offer?

Yes I did and included the screenshot that showed I purchased 10… (20 starting limit, 10 remaining)

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Ok but are u fking color blind or what?


I bought it straight away when saw raid energy + more at the bottom. The screenshot of details was taken after I purchased the bag.

Is wrong text… is either not plus.
So yes someone in bucketland messed things up
And definitvly not any raid energy

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I think they use old template and forget to change the content


Scopely? Terrible customer service? No!!!

This can’t be right…

P.s. please see every thread posted for the last several years

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“We hope you understand our limitations”

Oh we do, we certainly do…

Keep surviving and spending - $_copely


Yeah support even knows the truth!

I followed up with OP and this has been straightened out. Closing this thread - anyone who purchased this crate and would like it straightened out should open a (polite) ticket with support in game. If you continue to have problems with this crate after opening a ticket, you can let me know.

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