Terra bugs and world map bugs


Hi there, it’s been truly a while since I’ve played TWD-SR and it hasn’t been easy climbing to LVL 114. Its been really entertaining aside from couples of bugs that I’ve encountered here and there constantly.

So here it goes, if it helps:

  1. Territory bugs: have wasted countless terra energies when hitting on terra (be it walkers or enemies faction). It just lags you out, especially when u hit on the same terra consecutively. The lag out only occurs everytime I enter the map and starts hitting during the 1st wave.

  2. World map (farming): once again, wasted cans of energies when the system just run an update right after you click on <ATTACK energy 18> etc.

  3. Bags of can food rewards: sometimes we are awarded bags of food. It states 1million but when clicked on, it only gave 100k instead.

That’s about it that I could share. Hope something could be done given that it’s truly been an amazing game, to me that is. Thank you.


Thanks for the feedback!

  1. Those issues are being worked on, to be fixed in the upcoming RTS 18.x client update.

  2. This is news to me, or maybe I do not understand fully your statement, please do feel free to expand on it.

  3. Bags often come ‘split up’, for better convenience. One may want to use it in various batches, or prevent for a full bag containing 1 million resources to go above your current cap, and lose some of its value.


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