Tentative war Schedule - 5 wars in 5 weeks? What about Real Life?

Hi @TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger.

So I understand that Scopely wants to test out new towers, mercs and other new features for the new revamped war or “Total War”, however I’m finding from my faction alone and others that it’s dawning on them that it’s 5 wars for 5 straight weeks.

For those of us who have kids, jobs, and have other real life responsibilities or just want to use their free time for real life ventures, having 5 wars within for 5 weeks is going to wear thin and is excessive.

I understand some opinions may be that you don’t have to take part.

But you do, you feel like your letting your team down and if your a leader or a co leader, don’t have a full faction and trying to recruit so need to be active, this can be trying and possibly unhealthy for some.

I’m not sure what the solution would be, maybe as Scopely is testing out new features to make it more blitz or not make it an intense war so giving everyone standard rewards regardless for it being consecutive, and then just some fun rewards for partaking so their isn’t that pressure to war and it becoming no longer an enjoyment, but a job. But enabling Scopely to still gather data to see if it’s a success.

War is a very much time consuming effort, that is enjoyable but there needs to be balance.

I understand and respect some customers will be happy with it being back to back, but some customers in turn may not.

Hopefully a good and fair medium can be sought, but I hope Scopely understands the impact events have on Real life and that there needs to be a balance to ensure an enjoyable experience that is a benefit and is fun and not to become a pure grind and one that sacrifices real life.

Thank you

UPDATE - I’m aware of a blitz war being during the wkday. It’s still pretty intense and another point is that kids will be off for holidays as it’s summer holidays.


I disagree…war is the unanimous best event in the game. Having a couple 24 hour blitz wars in between 2 crw’s isn’t that bad at all.

There is a full 3 weekends of no war between the 2 crw’s.

The schedule is perfectly fine the way it is.


Agreed this game consumes enough of our time as it is doing this shit for 5 weeks is ridiculous. War maybe the best to Some Ppl but not everyone enjoys the shit matchmaking and endless whale teams.



Then join a faction that doesn’t require you to be around much if you don’t have the time due to whatever you have going on. If you don’t do that for yourself do so for your factionmates that might get frustrated. This is in no way shaming you for having a life, even top players do… but step down when it’s too much.

There are way too many different factions at different levels that exist for them to adjust events for those who think the activity needed is too much. I played in 1a the entire time up until April. Life got busy so I moved to 1b. You need to adjust to the play time your life allows.


You have a valid point, it’s not every wkend this one will be the 2nd consecutive wekend… then another on the following Monday, then another on the following Monday then a week off then last one the next wkend.

Think perhaps in light of this, that just some dates need regigging I. E. As this wkend is the 2nd one back to back and a 48 hours one at that

Please tell me how to step down from the faction I’m leader of… especially when there is no open transfers for me to bring in a replacement. If it’s just that simple.


Tell your faction you won’t be around much for whatever event. It’s simple. Giving a heads up has more impact than you can imagine. Just because you’re leader doesn’t mean you cant have a life. Ive played at the top. Trust me, if they didn’t get upset, your faction shouldn’t either.


Lol. No, my faction definitely won’t get upset. But, that’s not the point. I won’t let them down anyway because that’s who I am as a person. The point is Scopely puts players in a tough position by scheduling all this crap and locking up transfers (unless you are buddies with the CM who moves his friends whenever they want). They should go back to how it used to be when you could step back and bring in replacements from wherever, whenever.


the more wars the better


Sorry but The Walking Dead Road To Survival is supposed to be both your child and your job and should trump over all other prior obligations


It’s a special event. After this Total War maybe we won’t will have a new one for weeks before the next WOC, but I don’t disagree with your point. At least for all the intense effort they increased the prizes so much with these missions milestones, stash and premium cards. Would be very boring to play 5 wars in 5 weeks to receive the same box with Pete Anderson cards lol.

So people complain about it being no Blitz wars… when there finally is blitz war, people complain about too many wars… when are people gonna be happy?




This is just a game and the people that you call your friends should understand if you take a little bit of time off. There is no qualifying there is no war of champions coming up or anything like that.

Not too long ago there were people complaining that the game is getting stale and not enough events for teams. Now there are small events every week and more team events and people are saying it’s too much. It’s up to us to find that balance of real life in a video game…


I just feel war is just a chore, nothing to enjoy from it, 8 months trying to get weapons and zero success, I hate war, 5 consecutive weeks is a big let down

I like war, I see alot of you complaining about whale teams, I used to be weak and fight s17+ players and lose but without war I wouldnt have an array of useful toons that ive gathered through the war wheel or through war rewards, war is fun and if you don’t have the time, no one ever said you needed to be a competetive player, play and grow at your own pace. Its a game lets have fun lets attack scopely for things that are actually ridiculous :blush::blush::yum:


I guess the decision should be what’s more important to you…real life…or the game…and if you pick the game than I think you solved your own problem


It’s not an overwhelming schedule. You can have both real life (work, fam) and all the milestones, it’s a matter of how you use your time efficiently; Viz: not wasting it on Line, forums, other chats, movies, other games lol…it’s really doable, at least for me.
Few hours of wars have better rewards than weeks of Lvl ups anyways. More wars the better.

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Then why do you play? 3 level ups a week for toons that you don’t care to use in war? Do you enjoy raid events where you raid easy dropped defenses? I’m confused on what you get out of this game if you’re essentially getting your teams stronger for no reason… if you’re even doing that.

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I play everything else, the fact I don’t like war doesn’t mean I don’t like the rest of the game, not everyone shares same experience as you do or have to think like you do. Topic was that 5 weeks of war was too much not analyzing why I play the game