Tent Pull Suggestion - Regarding the Guaranteed Five Star with Every Pull


Many of us who have been players for a very long time had mixed opinions about the Guaranteed Five Star with every 40 pull. I know I did. On one hand, this is amazing. Finally you will get a five star toon with a pull. But on the other hand, it also hurt that all of all those times I had pulled a 40 pack and got nothing but three and four star toons. I’m sure my suggestion will also receive mixed thoughts but I thought I would suggest it.

When this new policy came into place, we were at the start of six star toons. And we were told six star toons would NEVER be able to be purchased from the tent. This, regardless of my feelings regarding my past purchases, was a very welcomed change. Scopley has since revised the decision and six stars are now in the tent, much to some of our dismay and some of our joy (those lucky enough to get one which is not me lol).

My opinion is because you, Scopley, have revised and now include six stars in the tent, you should also now revise your Guaranteed Five Star Pull. Instead of a Guaranteed Five Star, it should be a Guaranteed Ascendable Five Star. I am not stating these should be the current toon being sold in the tent or even some of the latest ones. It should be those ascendable toons in the five star token tent or something more than just one five star fodder toon.

When you originally announced this new policy, part of the attraction was five stars were still relevant. The stat bump had not occur. T4 six stars didn’t exist. Five stars could still be used to actively attack. No rainbow leaders and no 6 star revives. While there are of course many five star teams still in play, they are dwindling. The divide is getting higher and higher. With the addition of six star toons in the tent, five stars are now like four star toons. People do not need the fodder nor the tokens to ascend the new shiny six star they pulled. Both fodder, food, shirts/gloves, tokens, gear, is so scarce now, that obtaining a six star is what many need. Getting the five star can be a curse if you have nothing to ascend the toon with. While we should be receiving more of the items needed, that is not the case. That could be a whole other topic.

Because of the above, what is now occurring is if I do a big pull and get a five star toon, I am in essence spending $100 USD for a Benedict because they will be used the same way: to ascend a five to a six star toon. An ascendable five I may already own may be fodder as well for those who have a large roster. But for those who make their first 40 pull pack purchase, they shouldn’t have a toon that is no longer relevant and certainly won’t give them a fighting chance to keep up with the new sixes.

I may be alone in thinking this but what once was an exciting new change, is now just disappointment. I would like to see Scopley make an effort to continue the improvement they made when this change finally went into place. I’d rather not wait for seven star toons for something to finally be done.

Thank you.



In the day-and-age of 6* characters $100 for a 5* isn’t acceptable. The 5* drop rate from prestige/elite character tokens needs a huge boost. It should be a 5* every 15 or 20 pulls.

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But that would lower revenue you have a better chance of convincing Kim Jong Un to turn himself in.