Tenacity not working?


I just raided someone with a tenacity toon. Used my shivas ar on her and instead of going to 1hp she just died. She had almost max hp.

Does tenacity not work with ar or is this a bug??


I noticed this too but didn’t care cause either way they going to die and I don’t use tenacity toons on defense or territories


I reported this a long time ago. Imparing a toon with tenacity and then killing him with Jose’s AR always prevented the specialist skill from proc-ing and thus that character would die with one hit.


Cutthroat specialist skill overlooks tenacity. Noticed that it works that way with all cutthroat toons when they use AR. Not sure if it is supposed to be this way or if it is a bug.


Exactly. Jose is supposed to cause 30% more damage but tenacity should proc.


This sounds like a job for @CombatDevIl . Send out the signal. @CombatDevIl we need you!!!


@CombatDevIl signal



Hey. Tomorrow at the office I will test it and let you guys know what is happening. Have you guys a nice Sunday :v:


You do the same, gonna watch the show or not really a fan?


You bet! I watch and read.


Awesome, it’s good that the people working on the game enjoy the show. Hats off man


Hey, guys, which Shiva are you guys using? I just tested 5* Ascendable and 6* Shiva against Tess, and both ARs triggered her tenacity.


6* shiva.


Hey, guys. Member of the QA team here. Was able to repro the issue and it will be dealt with. Thanks for the info.


Thank you @CombatMan and @CombatDevIl :clap:


Bug found ;), thanks.


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