Ten 5*'s That Will Be Ascendable Soon Video


Here is a video of 10 current 5 Stars which will be soon ascendable to 6 Star!!!

If you have not seen the list yet and want to have some fun and play a guessing game featuring Pablo’s “Who’s That Five Star” then check out the video and I hope you enjoy!

If you have not seen the forum post yet! Here is Pablo’s (@Pablo ) forum post so you can play as well :


Awesome video, and thanks for the mention :slight_smile:

I think I must have paused a video like that at some point, since I’ve been cursed since the day I started playing

Very well done though, love the pace, composition, and tone of the videos :slight_smile: Much more fun than the thread, to me


It was a lot of fun doing that video! Thank you for that idea!

I hope I can keep you entertained :D.


How long does it take to make these videos?

Side note:

You don’t own Andrea?
How is that possible? She rained from the depot skies for like a year :0


That one was done in under a day. Not sure the exact hours though.

I ran a melee team for the longest time in the 5* era. So I never really did get her. I should have though for Konrad lol. My first 6* was Mirabelle so I was forced to run range after.