Telltale's Final Season Thoughts (Skybound to be exact)

So how did you feel about it?

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It looked really damn good.
Minerva was only slightly creepy after returning with that song (after being pretty much zombie chow). Probably my favorite part, if I’m being honest.

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The best game ending ever. I loved it

A good ending, but I wanted to see Javier again

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I’m conflicted.
On the one hand it wasn’t as good as Done Running or Broken Toys, but it wasn’t bad.
I’m kinda glad they pulled the ol’ switcheroo since otherwise it would just be retreading season 1’s ending.
It definitely got an emotional reaction out of me, I’m just not sure what emotion exactly. Or rather what emotion it didn’t get because that was an emotional roller coaster I’m still on.
Anyways; immediate reaction;

I still to sit on it and process it awhile, cause goddamn…

It was a good game but… where is Javier and rest of a gang? Once again choices dosent matter at all. I liked the Ranch and Minerva scenes. James was cool but im not sure what happend to him and that was dissapointing.

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Don’t know, still some missing parts, like, what the hell happened to the ranch, like, it was war and all, and i felt i was the bad guy here, why did Clementine said Richmond is compromised, at the end of season 3 it looked peaceful.
Still weird that Clementine survived the bite, didn’t she had to die due to the time she spent bit. Even if she survived the bit, how did AJ stopped the bleeding.

But i was quite happy with it, and really happy to see Eddie from 400 days make an appearance in the ranch.

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I’m glad it’s finally over

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Even if she survived the bit, how did AJ stopped the bleeding.

From one of the main writers themselves, so probably canon.

How I Protekted Clem by Alvin Junior—

So I decide I’m not gonna do it no matter what she says. Clem’s just wrong about this.

She screams and passes out when the axe hits her leg. It might be bad to say it but I was real glad she did because it takes a few more chops to get her leg off and I don’t want her to be mad at me.

I know I gotta make fire to cot-cau-seal up the wound. Luckily we got the flint from that cave and hay’s like everywhere. I make a small fire and heat up the blade and then I push it on the bloody part and it smells like cooking and it’s totally gross so don’t tell her.

I check Clem’s forehead and she’s not cold yet and I start crying again but tell myself to stop because I got more work to do. I use some of the rope to tie around her chopped off leg because that’s kind of how Abel did it and I don’t have a roll of tape like at James’ log.

The easiest part was the monsters actually! I used the wheelbarrow to reach them and just stabbed them through the heads. There was a lot but I did it fast because they’re dumb and just came to me.

I used the wheelbarrow again and got Clem in it. Took forever because I’m not big and I’m so tired. I throw guts all over her and check her head again and it’s still warm and there’s no monsters when I open the barn doors and that’s good because it’s a real long way to push all this to the school.

But Clem did it for me when I got shot and I’m just going to do the same thing because she always believes in me and that’s why I do too.


Purity right there.

Whhere is the people from the caravan their was 10 wtf skybound

Where was my farewell scene with Lee!

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