Telltale toon Promo special?


Can we get a promo with all the telltale 6*s in it. Being as the game might be screwed I figure this would be a nice send off. Plus I want Marlon lol @JB.Scopely


No… complete sentence


It’s possible. maybe they will have Mitch, Ruby, Willy, Aasim, Able/Disable and Lilly as 6*


I would drop some money on it. I tried REAL hard for all season 4 promos and all I got was that sack of shit Harlon instead.
A much more direct round 2 would bring tears of joy to me.



They could release Legend Carley to kick it off. As for the final season, I’m confident it’ll be finished. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yea. Total bs. Harlan pulls…sigh


Oh, shut up and let your damn phone charge.


Lol…funny.i had to have a laugh on myself for that one


Not all of them need 6*. There need to be some kind of balace. Here’s a list how I would rate them so far, excluding the already given of 6* of course.

Abel = 6* Tough :tough:
Lilly = 6* Tough :tough: (From old 5*)
Ten = 6* Fast :fast:
Mitch = 4* Fast :fast:
Ruby = 4* Strong :strong:
Aasim = 4* Tough :tough:
Willy = 3* Fast :fast:
Omaar = 3* Alert :alert:


Willy deserves to be a 6 however i see Mitch as a strong and Ruby as a fast. Aasim would be blue . Omar should a 3* he doesn’t do much poor kid


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