Telltale Series ending this summer. Scopley and Telltale should partner up

Scopley should hopefully be doing a huge event to kick off the end of Clementines story.

New 4s, 5s of missing characters from the past games also characters from the new games.
Carley and Kenny I imagine will have there 6s released around that time.
New 6
s premiers.

Hopefully some sort of huge event to get everyone playing and competiting.
Another collection event maybe for a new ascendable 5*.

They could even get some sort of advertisement deal.
Maybe if you buy episode 4 you get a Museum item to collect a unique 4*, 5* or Weapon from the game.

Episode 4 is released this summer.
I hope this isn’t the end of all Telltale Walking dead games.
I hope Scopley can start releasing previous characters they never got to…instead of having 100s of Michonne’s, Yumiko’s, Rositas etc…
3* Gabe needs a place to be attainable too :smiley:

What are,your hopes?
What do you think will really happen?


If they don’t make a 6 star green Clementine by the end of the last season, there’s something wrong.

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Good idea my guy

They always do crossovers with TTG, with this being the finale I can see a huge event… and welcome it :wink:


That’d be smart and really cool, honestly. I’d love some more coordination between the two

Just by the poster for this last season they HAVE to do a green Clem. So I can equip my Lee axe to her and cry.


As the local TellTale aficionado:

Seriously, I’m free to play and I know that most of any characters introduced for season 4 will be premium so starting a month or 2 ago I’ve been saving every coin I can get. I’ve also had season 3 Clem as my avatar for hype.


I’ve had Lee as mine!! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: I’m saving my coins as well. I’m so excited! I really hope we get a cool event and some unique characters. I got to talk to Melissa at WSC (voice of Clementine) and she said typically after recording the episode comes out like 1 to 2 months later. So soon this summer :grin: yayayayayayayayay :heart::heart:

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They could just make all the old telltale peeps 6*s

I can’t remember the last time I was hyped about event, maybe choose your side was the last one

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