Telltale is back


Sounds amazing

I really want to see Lee and kenny story before the Apocalypse .


As I understand it, they didn’t recover the license of the walking dead

The company that mooches off other people’s success is back… someone get me the celebratory noose!

Really hoping they go along with their old plans for making another Wolf Among Us game.


I’d say ttg typhoon
But itd crash there server
Just like the main guy was in like Hong Kong
All that would be below him is walkers

There’s a good Game Daily article about discussions with the new CEO. Some good insight.

Given how TellTale completely shat the bed on the way out they’ve got a bad reputation to make up for and they say they’re committed.

“We need to grow this company slowly and carefully,” Ottilie said. "We want to build a healthy work culture, a non-crunch culture.

God I hope that’s true…

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But on the personal side… I honestly don’t know how to feel about this. If they make good on their promises; great! But that’s a big if.
I know to never trust corporations, but goddamn do I want to.


You guys need to seriously grow up and stop :black_flag: people you disagree with.


Personally I want either too see an grow up or too find out what happens to Javier and his family

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Watch me

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