Telltale Games Drama


put some telltale offers in the shops scopley makes tons of money from them every episode they make


minecraft story mode got to much focus for no one giving a shit none of the big youtubers play it so it does not get traction from them either


Solid idea i’d spend for it i care a lot about seeing the end of the season


Scopely give money to someone? Hahahahahaha!! Thanks I needed that laugh today.


Because it’s not profitable as a business.


everything must come to an end someday. wish to see the day that this mess ends. people will go nuts.


Gary: “I love my job at telltale”
Telltale: “Gary your getting laid off company’s shutting down”
Gary will remember that


Lmao there are some straight up goofballs and jabronis in this thread.




This game may be completely fucked now

Might not be seeing countless carl, shiva, zeke and rick promos anymore.



Sigh… no


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As an adventure fan since beginning i really hope they close.


Clears throat




Hopefully, they won’t finish them haphazardly because probably there is a time limit for them.
So they will probably rush the release.
Anyway, I am hoping for great last episodes (Telltale worthy episodes) :slight_smile:


That’s it? No Abel? Or the most import character of all Jonathan?


I defenitly want atleast Abel



…from the guys who have made masterpieces like the REAL Indy 4, Day of Tentacle, Sam & Max, Full Throttle, Monkey (f4king) Island 1 to 3, …

When they decided to make Adventures who only gives you the illusion you can change the whole Story? With twd? Since of that (Sam & Max was ok, but the puzzles are quiet too easy) They stand still. Enigine buggy as shit. Puzzles aren’t in there. Is like a walking simulator without any other playable features (cme… qte???). They lost me…

And when I look, what they have done with the money of the first season of the walking dead ‘game’ I rofl. I hope the CEOs don’t get a job in the industrie and I hope Ubisoft hire the creative heads who wanted to make the adventures what the real adventure fans want.