Telltale Games Drama


So it seems like episode 2 will be the last installment in the series after the 225 employees getting canned today from telltale, rumor has it 25 people are still there but only to work on some shitty deal on minecraft with netflix which makes sense because they’re probably in a contract with netflix unlike the walking dead which is their own thing, so glad some shit gets on netflix but the end of this amazing adventure will more then likely be cancelled unless a miracle happens I am so crushed </3


This whole thing is stupid. My favorite company by far and It’s getting pretty much shut down.


Company was toxic and poorly run after the success and it fucking blows that so many talented overworked creators don’t even get to finish what they started


Foreshadowing is fun


Guess Clem didn’t even have to die in game she already dead now


I’d wager kirkman may make a comic finishing the story.
Not that I have any proof obviously.


Be a nice gesture to see or they could just give some money and finish a series instead of beating the dead horse on tv


it’s very stupid. They won’t even complete the season and screwing over their biggest fan base. No body cares about minecraft netflix outside 10 year olds.


nah, kirko wouldn’t do that. Than again there is a possiblity of clem and voilent hooking up so i’m sure he’s keen on that. because "diversity " and such


What are you going on about?


This is the end of rts


It was TellTale content that got me into RTS in the first place.
I’m just… gutted right now.

Skybound for the love of god please make this work.


This really is one kind mess :neutral_face:. Now all that’s left is hoping for a wonder like it happend for me when Hitman was about to die and then actually got saved


Look lowkey I might watch it. I have played story mode and it was hella lit


i played every of their game and i knew that they would go bankrupt sooner or later. however i didnt expect that The walking Dead will end on episode 2. their game went downhill with releasing to many games that people didnt want in the first place. when games like detroit or until dawn no wonder that this happens


Guys it’s a gaming company. Poor management and too high expectations killed it off. It’s a shame to happen, but how many other companies have died and no one gave a damn. To whoever asked kirkman to take over, please dont. Scopely bungled up their image too so I hope they dont try anything with it. It’s a shame because they had a good product with a good reputation and made something interesting. Unfortunately they didnt spin out stories fast enough to keep up with the walking dead trend. Low numbers for the TV affects comic and spin off products. Sucks that the rest of Clems story wont probably be done properly or if at all.


Why doesn’t scopley give them money to make the last episodes


I think i heard that the few that are still there are to put out the rest of the episodes


the 10 year olds just watch jake paul now its there worst game i don’t understand why the game the makes the most money is getting shut down and the game that is not even started yet and makes the least is getting its finally


Damn good thing I held off a couple months and stopped playing at season 3 to wait until season 4 was complete lol wohoo