Telltale Event?

Could we get a telltale event with characters like clementine louis violet marlon involved? I’m not sure if there’s really a way to get any of them rn or there wasn’t for a long time before


Not 100% sure but I think Louis is in the 5 star wheel or Prestige wheel.

It’s a possibility with that leaked S Class Marlon and Rosie. Who knows though

I pulled Louis the other day from prestige

Louis and violet are in the prestige wheel. Marlon is in the 5* wheel

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No Talltale anymore:(

We already got a event like this when the final prize was tough Lee (museum collection) with those “Done Running” toons available in a wheel.


Hah my dream in this game is Clem and Louis in one team :joy: S11 still not even close

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