Telltale character future


I was just curious if we will see more telltale crossovers. I have enjoyed them quite a bit and would love to see more characters fleshed out.


They should make some telltale characters ascendable too. Thatd be really cool, and add a bit more diversity to the new roster of 6* toons theyre releasing


I mean come on chuck was the top pick for characters we would love to see… how bout a truely epic Clem or Kenny


There needs to be 6* Lee. You can never go wrong with Lee.


6* Clem would have me reaching for my wallet…


I really really hope there are more now that i’m here! <333


Is there any plans to make any telltale characters six star? I would settle for a possible maybe.


Lee, Clem and Kenny for sure as 6* possibly Javier…


What about my man Luke from Season 2? He doesn’t even has a 5* :frowning: