Tell Me Why I Shouldn't Join The Player Counsel

I don’t plan on applying but I’m curious to know why people would be against me joining.

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good job to you for making another thing all about you for no reasons :+1:


Good job on showing why I wouldn’t want you joining.

Don’t join. It’s bollocks along with players united.

Because even if you were the best person ever with excellent ideas that could fix the game…

Would they listen?
They’ve proved their focus for game design is profit not fun, and that ain’t changing.



Has anyone said they’d be against you joining?

Do you have a persecution complex that makes you think they would be against it? Are you really that vile that everyone would be up in arms if you joined?

What a strange thread.


Its gonna be a popularity contest, and no one knows who you are…

I hope Kook wins.

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So you made a topic asking why people don’t want you on the counsel just for you to apply just to piss those people off ? Cool bro


nerf human shield please


Kook’s the master troller.
Nobody more fit to lead than him.

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Stop playing dumb, you and I both know that they’re a lot of people here who wouldn’t want me to be a member of the player council. You’re calling this a strange thread yet you wasted your own time to reply to it.

I didn’t even know you existed til I read this thread. And i’ll Probably have forgotten until the next time you come out with this narcissistic drivel.

I’m off to do some more hordes. Bye bye.


Tell me why you are clogging up the forum with this nonsense post


You have my vote person I don’t know.Hmmm Just like real elections

If you don’t know who I am(which I’m guessing is a lie) why did you reply to this thread in the first place with a negative post?

Post is nonsense yet you’re right here replying.

Not everything is about you lol. You definitely aren’t the first thing people thought of when they saw the player counsel post. A huge portion of the forum has never even heard of you. The amount of narcissism in this post is baffling…


Did I say I was the first thing people think of when the player counsel post got put up? At this point, you guys are going to say nearly every thread I make is narcissistic even though I’m clearly not. If I was narcissistic I’d be talking about my team all the time on here.