Tell me this isnt scopley lol

I couldnt help grabbing a few seconds from the movie because after all this TOC nonsense, it’s just kind of obvious that Scopley was an inspiration for this scene :laughing::joy:


Dont know how to imbed the video on here lol

Wait till they do like 2k did after saying loot boxes weren’t gambling.

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I actually said something about this on another thread… Pretty sure both apple and android prob gonna be in deep shit some day soon for allowing these apps in their market, bc game of chance is gambling and the fact we dont have id verification for these types of games is a big no-no… Twd and any other mobile game with these wheel odds are in fact game of chance. More and more are becoming aware of the predatory practices by mobile games.

They can argue money isnt being won but thats only going last for so long… Bc regardless of winning money or not the items do in fact hold monetary value. Theyll get their day in court soon.


I agree the predatory nature of this game is sick at times… I have had a couple friends / faction mates that went into serious debt due to this game. They seem to try to bait the hook with offers like they had for Diego green keys or the now s class… You are almost there gotta keep spending or it is a waste. Pathetic imo


that is their fault. no one makes you spend.

Also no one causes people to drive drunk but yet we now Sue bars in the us…

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drunk driving and spending in games are not comparable


They are both addictions…go back to your bridge

drinking addictions and wasting money on a game are not the same. you should go back under your mushroom you little fairy.

drinking addictions can kill you or others…

Yea no shit and gambling addiciton leads to drinking issues way to connect the dots smh

you are overly hostile

No one makes you drink … Youre the one trying to minimize something that actually is an issue by using horrible references to shit thats actually hand in hand and also the same thing.

spend money you have, not what you don’t have

You are absolutely correct on exactly how YOU stated it.

Exploitation of another’s weaknesses for personal gain isn’t enough.
Using intellectual data to specifically target spending habits and then exploiting them is wrong.

How he stated his opinion (which is correct) is that of which I can relate.

Your definition of gambling must Differ or you have been manipulated into believing it’s ok.

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no one makes you gamble

Prob why theirs a rumor scopely is moving to Europe cause in the states they are passing laws that is going to shake up gaming, some people will argue about it but the laws will pass and that will be that and if Europe wants to take these comlanies then by all means, they will leave if Europe starts to sue, pass laws, etc also after these companies dont pay taxes. These companies need ro reigned in and sat down

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Yep, you have shown that you don’t understand gambling addiction at all with just this 1 sentence.


Having got over 15 years experience of working in supporting and trying to rehabilitate addicts can say that gambling addiction is real it is serious and ruins lives just as much as another addiction be alcohol, drugs or anything else.
This game is gambling fact… you spend for chance at new toons and it’s clear people are addicted…chasing that new toon for perfect team that never attainable. Whilst no one forces you to do anything if addicted you have little self control.
Gambling is one of the more hidden addictions only coming to light when in serous debt and loosing every thing… and it’s hard to break due to it largely being psychological.