Tell me about the battle system

My Tyrese in the attack team is picking up 4700 attacks. tide of 650%. It turns out about 30k damage. he must mow down everyone like grass on the field. and in battle 1k damage … how does it work? you specifically cut his power ???

Because attack stat and damage done are not the same thing.

Attack value would be, as you say, 30,000 and change. But that does not equal damage done because damage done takes into account the opponents defence stat, a random factor and (for normal attacks) trait advantages, and whether it is critical or not.

Clearly, you are new to strategy games.

Every game has their own battle mechanics.

As noted, not correct in the 6 star era, but best approximation you’ll get

the dumbest mechanics. share the attack on defense. who is so clever invented?)

I used to play and rest. and now with these mods and skills has become a mess. I’m not new.

You are not new but you still dont know the battle mechanics then you are a noob lol

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