Teir 5 Tara. Can you solo her?

I never been able to but more I do it the more I almost figure out a way but each time the requirements screw me up. Just curious what have you guys used to solo her from phase 1 to phase 5. Please describe different scenarios u used to do so giving the different requirements as we know how that can bend you over.

You can solo everyone of them. Tara if im right is on a bike and you should only attack her the full 6 phases. Use line rushes or 1target rushes only. Ezpz

Yet u never said what team u use…

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How though ? She changes her trait all the time. I think I used red basic attack/heal 5* like carl,alicia on a mira lead once. Or the present glenn if she was red, ellen if shes blue and so on. And dont touch her minions… not once.

I guess the real challenge is to beat all 4 in a row for the sweet 2mil. Dont expect me to Have more than 2 6* at that point.

Thanks for the input. I dont have erika and have had times where it was all blue and I would still get stomped. I also don’t have red Herschel either. I need a time where its blue and yellow and I would be more then ok :ok_hand:

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Am finding it hard to believe if u even ever solo tara…

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Why ?? Negans minions are a piece of cake and it worked with this strategy. Decapitate would be a safer option of course, but I dont have any toon with that, so I just heal,heal,heal and wont let her get buffed. Killing her minions fucked me over one time because her def was too high and she went down too slow.

Yeah those toons you say u used ain’t no way in the world you solo tara with those…exspecialy from phase 1 to 5.

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I find her and Negan the easy ones but the timer runs out normally

We are talking about teir 5 right? Tara is such a bîtch with hold the line. Even if I don’t get killed I time out because I am not able to do big enough damage. Would really like to hear what u used to solo her from phase 1 to 5?

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Just dont activate the hold the line. Her Minions suck and she is pretty bad on def. I did it you did not. Oo also put a sr stevens+ shield in if you have a good damage output. 5* autorun.

Mainly because u mentioned trash toons that would likley cause u to time out or get annilated. Ill take your advice on not killing her teammates but the rest just sounds sucide.

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I cant remember what I used/ what trait she had you are right.

Auto? Yeah thats a big mistake. Am very interested to see you personally solo this chick send me a video thru line if you have a screen recorder app on your device and ill personally pay for your monthly pass. No bullshit I only challenge u to solo tara from phase one to phase 5 like legit murder that bîtch.

Tara is easy. Keep her teammates alive so Hold the Line can’t bother you. Use Tyreese and buff/debuff rushes.

She is resits to debuff. But getting buffs yeah I agree I just need a good toon that’s not ezekiel survival road version. Tyresse I dont have but sawyer I have and he helps a ton but she can barley scar that chick exspecially as the phase gets higher.

Cool bet

yes with boobs lead all blue with 6 star zek with cirt wep.
ty shops her mates coming back up aswell.

That’s such a rare case