Teddy Bear - last words (Negan problem)

Hi folks,

I’m seeing a lot of people struggling to complete the last words “N” for killing payback Negan. Some regions don’t have a red Negan, some regions can’t actually attack him, and arenas don’t count.

In my opinion the best and quickest fix for this would be crediting everyone 1 teddy bear. This way players who had no way of completing this mission will get a bear, and everyone else will to. It won’t make a huge difference to some players, but will for many in the community.


I actually had four Negans in one of my daily survival road levels yesterday. I was so excited since I hadn’t been able to find anyone who has negan in the raids. I killed all four and NONE OF THEM COUNTED FOR THE MISSION.

So, either it needs to be a different one of the zillion Negans in the game or survival road doesn’t count anymore. :dizzy_face:

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Has to be the payback red Negan, I thought survival road worked so may have been the wrong Negan. Sorry for your luck there

It was payback red negan. And it didn’t count. It’s so aggravating.

If you lose it doesn’t count

I didn’t lose. I beat the entire level (and the entire daily road, actually).

Don’t worry they will put him on premier

No idea then, well that makes things worse. No way for some people to complete this mission

Maybe u confused Wayland with negan it happened to me

Nope. It was definitely red payback negan. I beat 4 of them.

Fleeing also doesn’t count

no way, then ppl who finished would get 2… the problem is the letter N. not the teddy bear… just credit everyone the letter N or create a negan RM that gives credit. Prob solved.

major issue is not if they can fix it. its they wont… scopely dont care about f2p. this will get buried like all the other problems and be forgotten. all these problems can be addressed by scopely devs in matter of minutes, but again they just dont care. GR can escalate all he wants, but unless there is profit involved the chance of resolution is near 0% and would take days if not weeks.


I’ve been playing for several years now and I’m wondering if it’s time to retire. I play for fun and this is the opposite of fun.


Lol. This benefits f2p not p2p. Negan is a promo toon, so p2p need to put him up so f2p can do mission. F2p will benefit from p2p who pulled Negan

It’s not even an issue for just ftp. I spend a little. I subscribe to the monthly $8.99 coins and buy a few $1 or $5 things once in a while. But what’s the point of doing that when you can’t complete events regardless.


I know. I tried fleeing the first time so I could maybe kill him a fifth time but when I saw that it didn’t count, I completed the entire level (and the entire road). I didn’t get credit for any of the kills.

right, what i am saying is there is no need for teddybear reward, when simple letter reward can solve the problem that scopely created. I dont need handouts but scopely created a problem that cant be solved in some regions. Rectifying their mistake is basic customer service, which scopely does not have.


The mission will likely run out by the time they can credit an N, as it’s a weekend. If it were a weekday sure. But 1 teddy bear likely won’t be the difference between someone getting the s class or a class items - again just an idea

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There you go. You had 4 in one level, fled, and redid it. It doesn’t count

How could it not count if I completed the entire road? I didn’t flee when I redid it.