Technical question (kindle fire install)

My mate has a 4th gen kindle fire hd 7 2012 (without storage expansion/sd slot)

However when trying to install the game from amazon store, it installs, however when it gets to the downloading additional data screen it stops at 0mb/0mb and gives the following error

“download paused because the external storage is unavailable kindle fire”

There’s I still not external storage as the kindle doesn’t have a slot.

He has 4gb free internal memory,

Already tried clearing cache, installing apk side load, reboot, clearing additionally space.

N.B I Belive his tablet the fire Os is based on 4.0 (ICS)

Any ideas?


Any ideas on this or is this another department?

This is an issue with the kindle only recognizing amazon apps. Twd/RTS is unavailable to me in the amazon store, the only solution I have found is to “root” your kindle- you can find instructables online.Rooting your kindle will allow the installation of the play store, giving you the ability to download twd/RTS.
Hope this helps. cheers

Or “side load” I did the half-assed rooting on my old Fire phone and the game worked fine.

Unfortunately the fire phone is trash and I had to get rid of it because the battery would get extremely hot and drain constantly during war.

@Mr_Death Can you confirm what version of the Fire OS the Tablet is running? Also is this the Kindle Fire HD (2012) or the Kindle Fire HD 7 (2014).

The Fire Phone is the bane of my existence.


Hi it’s is the 2012 (D025 model) apparently system version 7.5.1

I can’t finish downloading it because my Kindle Fire HD doesn’t have an SD card slot either.