Teams aren’t showing as locked?

I know it’s been posted before, but I can’t find that post!
Going to do a scav mission, I select a team:

I press confirm and get this

(I get the same message with toons assigned to a territory)

Now, locked toons always had something written on the team that was being used for territories or other scav missions.

Now, you have to go through a million teams until you find one that’ll be free.

Hope there’s a fix in a future update.

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Yea has been logged and will be fixed in a future update Ive been told. There was an addition to Scav missions where autofill would actually hit the requirements (4 soldiers, in this case) although sometimes I have noticed it doesn’t happened. Think there is a better chance of bonus rewards if you hit those reqs

I thought so too, about hitting the requirements, but no, there’s a separate set of requirements to get the bonus (was a thread on the old forums)

The visual lock that’s missing is just annoying hahaha.

Thank you for clarifying for me :slight_smile:

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