Team Suggestions (2019)

Before yall say welcome to the forums, im not new i made a new account cause i forgot my old password soo yeah, but let me start off by saying im mainly f2p but i do spend so im kinda in the middle of f2p and p2p but besides the point i made a few teams which mainly revolves around my erika pull that i got from the war wheel which greatly changed the way i play but here are some teams i made and there not close to being finished but here they are please let me know if they would be any good for raids

The top 2 pictures look more like defences than anything to use when attacking. The 3rd picture is a bit better but lacks decent attacking toons (Ezekiel and Erika aren’t really good attacking toons, I see that they could be used for healing and reviving but for attack you don’t wanna limit the amount of attacking toons you use).


So maybe add a maribelle or sandy decap instead?

You’ll stay alive long enough to time out with the top 2 teams, need more bite when attacking

You’ll definitely want a decap on your team so Sandy seems like a good fit. You could keep either Erika or Ezekiel in for healing but you’ll definitely wanna take at least 1 out.

Then maybe Ezekiel cause i lowkey need erika shes a op revive def better then Ezekiel

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