Team setup please help my noobishness

Is there a specific way to set up a team so u can auto raid better? Like what type char. Goes to what number spot

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You really shouldn’t be autoraiding at all. so no there is no way to set up a team to autoraid.

Why shouldn’t I auto raid? I do during war helps get points faster

Start with using 2* toons on your roster for beginners. They’re the best you can do right now. Imho they’re better than the 6* toons so i would go with that.


This is not helpful at all… I’m not that noobish

Depends on who you have. Post your 50 best toons.

LOL then use your war team. If it’s working during war it will work during raids. Sounds like you are a game phenom since you are new and able to autoplay your war matches. Whichever faction has you they are lucky to have one of the true great RTS players.

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Right, are we talking auto in war? Bad idea for getting points as quick as possible unless you know you dominate the opponent. It takes a lot of auto battles with only two or three characters left standing at the end to match a non-autoed battle with all five alive at the end. That will get you many more points and quickly.

If you’re talking raid, then just set up for huge levels of attack. Auto attacks randomly so need to fuck shit up as quickly as possible before the opponent starts rushing

My account is 398 days old I only auto raid against factions still using mix teams of 5 and 6 stars

I found this in my faction notes as you see they have old toons listed and not specific enough

Post your roster, I’m trying to help you.

Character placement does not affect attack turn order. Even if it did, the character they attack is 10x more important than when they attack

What about for ar placement?

No, when you hit auto it is a random attack order and a fairly random target (probably matching what the AI used) with each attack

Its seems for auto they attack the trait their stonger against but ok if theres no specific placement thx you for the tips

I feel like there used to be an attacking order on defense, don’t know if that’s still the case. Also don’t know if the Ai on defense is the same as Autoplay on offense

Edit: On defense, it was smart to put your attack buff toon in slot 2 (if memory serves me right), as he would go first in the subsequent rounds.

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If I were going to try to autoraid I’d go with Mira, Yumi, Yumi, Ty, and either zeke or abe. Like someone said earlier you need as much attack power and luck as possible. hope that at least 2 of your yumis/Ty AR goes off before they are killed. Zeke would be handy if he has a good crit weapon since the guardian shield would be useful with no healers and autoplay. Depending on your weapons you should win about 60 - 70 percent of the time with that attack team on autoplay I’d say.

Yeah, characters will tend to attack the trait they are strongest against.

Looking at your roster, if you want to auto through, I suggest Mirabelle lead, 2xTy and 2xYumi. All with Huge AP and AP up weapons and you might just have them all rushing and blitzing the enemy before the wayward attack of the AI causes the opponent to rush and wipe you out.

Plenty of defences I wouldn’t auto with that against though

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This is correct. On defence the toons attack 2, 3, leader, 4, 5. So always a good idea to have your command at 4 or 5 and buff toons at 2.

But autoplay does not follow this sequence. It’s totally random I’m pretty sure.