Team review on Lilly and Slater


Hm, is there a TS/DW (too short, didn’t watch) text version?

I never watch video commentaries/reviews, but wouldn’t mind reading a 5 page essay on the topic

Honestly Spammer give the Captn’s video’s ago, he captures an unpolished, but far more authentic everyman point of view that the other content creators just cannot, its actually quite fun watching along and seeing the Captn discover things as we the viewers do, if it’s not for you that’s fine, but seriously check out one or two, you might enjoy them more than you think :+1:


Thanks for building the case here :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I’m one of those people that could erupt into a scream of “get to the point!” watching review videos (happened with this one too)… somehow watching a video that doesn’t match my pace is taxing my patience 300x more than spending double of the video’s length reading an endless (and pointless) discussion.

I commend all the content creators for what they’re doing, as it is bringing a lot of players close to the game and watching videos is generally great for the younger population (damn, 37 and no longer counting myself as young for the first time). Just sadly not for me if there isn’t any non-video information shared.

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