Team recommendation


please help me make better team from my list, and who should i ascend next


Ascend Romanov next.


I’d probably do gov and barker you have makings of decent attack team.


javi, zeke aris spencer and yumiko


I see lots of yellows and blues in your six stars, so Javier would be a good choice for his leader skill.


Green Garrett (lead)
[HEALER… red Rosita] red Jesus in meantime
…might work from pure damage. Has some crowd control but may suffer without healing


First of all. An attack team or defend team?
Side note. DONT invest into alpha. Shes garbage. 1.1 def she dies fast an hits like a wet noodle even with mods at 3k attack


More defend
Resistance a red
Cof cof


Im not gonna argue with you. Alpha sucks. No matter how you mod her! They shoulda gave her single target ar. Not adjacent!


Wow your team has alot of leveling to do going to be some time b4 your team is ready


Yeah multiple target decapitate sucks am I right?


Once his toons are leveled will be real good team


What is this nonsense?


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