Team player crits

Have we found out if these stack yet? If there are 3 reds on a team with 3 of this craft, does that equate to +90% attack? Or in more extreme cases, can you get a full heal with yellows every turn?

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Anyone found out yet?

See 5-Star Weapon Effects Details [11/18]

Any status effect with a turn duration will not stack with other status effects, except healing and bonus HP. Any stat increase without a turn duration will stack with other stat increases.

Fast Crit - Fast Healing: Up to two teammates regain +10% HP per turn for each Fast teammate on the team
Strong Crit - Strong Attacks: At the start of each turn, all teammates get 10% ATK for 1 turn for each Strong teammate on the team
Alert Crit - Alert Buffs: At the start of each turn, all teammates get 10% DEF for 1 turn for each Alert teammate on the team
Tough Crit - Tough Health: Up to two teammates get +5% Bonus HP per turn for each Tough teammate on the team

Short answer: yes for yellow and blue, no for red and green.

Thanks for the reply. Makes yellow and blue insanely powerful. Especially yellow. Since it can’t be disarmed, with 5 yellows on a team and 2 of this weapon, it’ll give 100% heal. So you’d have to kill a a toon in 1 turn or it’ll just fully heal.
2 yellows on a team, each with this weapon and 3 blues with the same will give 40% heal and 90% bonus hp (or the other way around)… A turn. That is game breakingly powerful.

It does seem pretty good tbh. We’ll see how it ends up working out; heal reduction should counter it pretty well and the effectiveness drops quite a bit as toons die.

A third or even forth contingency weapon with the craft could be in the team to stop the deterioration of effectiveness.
Also just thought - 3 of any Sclass yellow with this weapon and 1 having a +8% 3rd slot + Guo + Laopo lead. Guo ensures Laopo ARs turn 2 to stop opponent ARs and AS, the 3 yellows ensure the 2 most damaged heal 90% hp a turn. No team in the game will be taking down an Sclass with +30% hp, +30% def with normal attacks. (if you have 3 +8%'s you wouldn’t even need a normal Ap boost, meaning another slot could be freed up on the weapon for extra def or hp).
Edit: Also make 1 of those yellows Aarav to stop any damage over time attacks. Ensure Laopo has the highest stun and impair resists in the roster. Now there is no way anyone will be taking a toon down.

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