Team Organization


I would like to have the ability to re-order my teams.


What exactly do u mean reorder them


Hi trustable – do you mean, drag and drop the vertical order of them?

Thank you for joining our community!


Do you mean the teams you choose? For example you made your last possible 25th team, and you want that team to be 3rd on the list instead? I’ve actually wanted that myself!


Right now only way to reorganize is to manually do it. Unfortunately I have to do this daily with so many things going on. I really hate how it’s setup


Also… can we PLEASE have more than 25 saved teams
between: scavenger missions, territories, drop lead defenses, war teams, farm teams, ultra rare gear farm, easy gear farm teams, etc…

it’s very easy to run out of space.


I agree, I often need more teams myself! Territories alone can make you need to switch out teams within a few seconds of them dying and it’s take a minute to build a team. I’d rather just have it there.


Watched ur video today. We’ll I think 2 of them. I know one had crw stuff on it. Anyways good videos girl


Thank you so much! :blush: that means alot


That is correct @kalishane.

If I get an idea for a new team that I want to use it would be nice to bring it closer to the top so it isn’t such a hassle scrolling through a bunch that I use for all the other activities.