Team in Critical Territory’s?

My faction was holding the two crit territories and I had no teams in them, but I had one in the Terri that gives increased weapon crafting success… I set up two critical upgrades but noticed that I don’t have the critical boosts from my factions ownership of critical??? Wtf?

So do we have to personally have teams in the territory to get the perk???

I believe your faction needs to control the territory at the start of the crafting process to gain the benefit.

I haven’t read/heard anything about needing a team in there yourself. I know I’ve seen the icon saying I have a bonus for a territory that I don’t personally have a team in.

No u dont have to have a team in. U just have to have it when u start craft. I know this for a fac cause we have a region craft fac so I never have a team in any and still get the bonus just by joining the craft fac to start the craft

The abscence of the critical icon above the armoury has thrown me…?

It happened to me the other day as well. Had them in faction, left faction and they disappeared, went back to faction and they were there again. It’s just a glitch as long as you start the craft with the territories you get the boost.

I found it takes 5 mins to update the icon. If u start the craft whilst it says 15% for example, it will adjust itself after a few mins

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