Team help ... my 2nd (and last) 6*

So my best team is led by 6* Mira, and contains all ranged to capitalize on Mira’s leader skill. I have a few options for my next 6*, but I am torn as to whom to choose. I have to also consider that I can only ascend one as I dont have the pool of 5* to burn. Here are the options:

None of the above

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.


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Siddiq x1000

Shiva all the way, stun active is key to stomping shields


I don’t see Ty on the list so assuming you don’t have him. He is f2p because he is in the depot so my suggestion with Mira is Ty. You need a hard hitter and he is one of the best. His decap and active impair are also quite nice to have.

Shiva is great but I do not recommend her unless you pair her with Carl. Too many people are mixing ranged and melee and all it does is give me someone to build ar and kill in the 1st round.

Edit : I would love to be able to try out Siddiq but ascendance has not been kind to me. He does look like a good option from what I have seen and read about him.

Dude will have 2 6*, doubt he has to worry about defends or even has the tools to build windowless. BTW AP down is an option on Shiva.

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Let’s assume he’s not in a top 5 faction. Where he is at 2 6 stars could give him an edge over his usual competition. People run shiva behind mira all day long. Makes for an easy kill on defense. Don’t care if its got stun claws or ap down. She is toast. On offense sure she is amazing even with Mira but for his second 6 star I think Siddiq from his list would serve him much better and I still suggest he buy Ty from the depot. Give him an impair weapon and your good to go. At least the both of them get the bonus from Mira.

If the shield isn’t dead 1st round I use Yumi’s t2 confuse to put a stop to all shields or anyone who’s ar is about to pop and she gets the bonus from Mira. I know Shiva can do the same but with stun but I still think Shiva is much better suited behind a Carl lead over Mira especially on defense.

Since you run a ranged team I would say Siddiq first. He can definitely add a lot both to your def and atk, but…

Ezekiel + a high crit weapon can be very versatile too. He can fit even to a ranged atk/def team, plus he is a rockstar in SR + FA

Shiva is great on attack even without a melee leader. She can “disarm” anyone with stun on 2nd turn (shields, stun /impair/abs def weapon holding toons), oneshot ppl, and confuse 2-3 toon for 2 turn … She has many strategic option. With her you mostly fight against a half team.

Any from the above 3 toons … you can’t go wrong.


I say go with Siddiq. Any time I see a melee toon behind a Mira lead or a Ranged toon behind a Carl lead , I focus all my attacks on them and kill them first. Especially if I see Shiva behind Mira. The kitty must die! :smile:

SIddiq, his active skill confuse, open shields too.

I have and love shiva but I run her behind Carl to keep her alive.

As said above zeke is MVP on SR and FA so ascending him is a good option. And even on a ranged team his guardian 2 helps disrupt attackers.

For a ranged raid team though siddiq is your best bet - assuming you have someone who is worth commanding. Even if you don’t now you will in future so I would go siddiq or zeke.

Bridget nailed it. It’s really about what you want to achieve.

Zeke is awesome in all sorts of applications, but isn’t the best value in a ranged offensive team. That doesn’t mean he’s unusable, just that he will draw all the fire from green and likely die quickly in a few raids.

I run a Mira team on offence, but Shiva is in there. That stun on round 2 is essential to my strategy. I’ve had to compensate for her not getting a leader buff, so her claws are HP Def and AP. People say she is useless without stun claws. That hasn’t been my experience at all. I have found her utility to be unmatched.

Tyreese is definitely worth it. When you can acquire him, don’t think, just do. He is one 6* I was apprehensive about getting, but when I did, I was very satisfied. He really does hit hard, and decapitate is great against revive teams.

I’m not sure about Siddiq as I haven’t used him. I’ve heard good things.

It sounds like you’re in fairly early/mid stages of the game, so I’ll recommend Zeke. The reason being that he has more all round utility. He will help you in things like SR and Fac Assault. I know they’re not as cool as war, but they’re more frequent and give decent rewards. The more rewards you get, the faster you’ll grow so it would be an investment.

If you go with Ezekiel, you’ll need to start thinking about his weapon. He needs something built specifically for him. I would suggest starting with a kukri. Add either Abs Def or bonus Crit to slot 3. Then either upgrade slot 1/2 and/or add AP to slot 2.


Very solid advice all around. Nice post.

I agree with your assessment of Zeke. He is terrific for SR/Fa and even without the bonus can be used on offense and defense.

Yumi is a great substitute for Shiva on a ranged team. Her active is very similar. She gets a turn two confuse for two turns. She hits real hard when you upgrade her bow and I find Burn to be fantastic for taking out all the evade and tanky toons.

Fantastic advice but one small correction is needed

Shiva is no he. She is a sexy tigress. :tiger2:


I use Yumi too. Sadly Stun and Abs Def still proc when confusion is in play. Still a solid character, and she has earned her place on my main attack team.

Very true. Nothing beats stun.

So I am getting impatient on waiting for the Gov. Still can ascend another. Who do you recommend. Shiva or Gator? I can do all 3 but would rather not and I only have the trainers for 1 so they are being kept for the Gov.

Everyone else feel free to give an opinion as well. Curious to see what you guys think. Thanks.

Ooops. I corrected. Sometimes I forgot this gender thingy in english haha

Lol. Just messing around you did use she in the 2nd part of your post. I like being a clown. And for a second language your English is very good. Much better than I could ever do. Two years of Spanish and I can’t form a sentence. Take care :grinning:

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Wait for something better o siddq

Really depends what you have and what you want. Like I said, I use Shiva on all of my attacks. She just sprays status effects everywhere, and no one else can do it quite like her. If I didn’t have her, she would be my choice out of those two.

Still, I don’t have Rosa. I’m still running Larry for drops. Gator would be very useful. He would be appreciated by faction mates too no doubt. If you’re a player that farms the world map regularly he would be great. If you mostly farm roadmaps though, he probably won’t make much of a difference these days.

What it comes down to is, do you have a hole in your roster that either of these guys fill? Gator is great for farming and probably SR too. Shiva is more of a raid toon. Defence too if you have the right leader, but I wouldn’t expect her to hold up behind Mira.