Team Grade Bug?


So i updated my game and my team grade used to be S5+ now its S8+ that normal? @JB.Scopely


I present you Patch Notes good sir


Maybe its cause i have Aris


It’s part to do with Carl lead 40% hp and def are skill points


Its still pretty cool ig


Same issue except my team is showing S8++. I haven’t won a raid since the update and have spent 300k food cycling through the same top 5 people in the game. Frustration level high. Sometimes it gives me the same person 5 times in a row.


Scopely failed to update the team grade you see on an opponent during raids, war and even when you look at othervteans in the league. Those all still display the old team grades. If their match up system is using those while using your own “new” grade. You’ll get awful matchups…


I’m having the same issue, went from S4+ to S7++. Its killing my stats, I have lost 19 of the last 21 raids! I can’t beat teams that I would normally destroy! This needs to be fixed, it makes the game very unenjoyable.


Does anyone ever search the forums or look in-game before making posts? There have been notices and update notes and pinned topics explaining everything


I looked all over the game and don’t see what you posted. How do I contact customer support? Everything on the game points to this forum.


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