Team Defending Stronghold still.. war long over


Not sure if this is already on this forum, if so sorry for a second thread. I started a second account on Blount region. Its a fairly new region and i have a faction mate whos team is still showing as “defending stronghold” the war match is long over. Anyone else encounter this?


There was already some players in this forum with this Bug. Don’t know if it is fixed. Maybe @kalishane knows something about this.


I had a feeling it was posted before, sorry for a duplicate post. He messaged support, havent heard back yet. Like i said i was just curious if the community has seen it. Hopefully there is a fix out there. If so, @kalishane or maybe @CombatDevIl can shed some light on the subject :laughing::laughing::laughing:


UPDATE starting a new war released the team from its strong hold “strangle hold” lol.