Team Creating/Editing Crashes/Restarts the Game


After the update, i cant basically edit or create new teams, the game kicks me out after a few seconds, encountered it in the daily Survival Road which i need a new team for the level. Its the same with me creating a team to do scavenger missions. Practically i can only use the teams i made prior to the update .


This has been a bug for a very long time and it just keeps getting worse. It will be fixed after they make new bugs to release. Likely fix it 8 years from now. After they mess up 100 other things in the game.


Right now, another thing popped up on me, i cant even level my toons, i think its a character card glitch, bummer i cant participate in any level up events, survival road events and prolly some roadmaps that i need specific teams with.


Same stuff… Can’t edit team, level up, also other random lags and restarts… during war I got kicked also…


Ah, its quite bad really, i cant do anything other than raiding bots, they tend to pop up more this update lol


Any update ? I still cant play with my main acc. Secondary (low level) acc works ok.
Getting tired of this game …


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