Team compostion Question

This is my current team and seeing most of my best crafted,or farmed weapons are Blue,I’d like to run as many good blues as possible. My idea was to use Lester’s AR to boost both Abraham’s and Shane AR and then gun the opposing team quickly,but this doesn’t seem to be working as I’m loosing large amounts of food daily. I was thinking about swapping Sam for Red Andrea and Shane for Rick "Whispers into Screams as he does do more damage,but would it be worth it,as my stock of weapons for Red characters is not that great? I do also have some decent 5* greens but the same problem applies there as well.

Are you asking for a defense to keep from losing food?

Better of storing your food in either training camps or making high replenish to sell.

Defends are rare these days, even with the best of teams.

I’m asking for a defense that keeps my shit from being stolen,and improves my team in general,as it’s annoying to loose about 200k overnight,when I’m saving for multiple 300k and up characters upgrades so I can promote then to ascend them and try to get better characters.

best tip is to leave your food in the farms until they turn yellow. then collect them and either use it right away or try to store it in high replenishes or training grounds like Galaxy said. Very difficult to defend in this game and even if you do defend you don’t get a shield after you defend so someone else will just attack you right afterwards. If your food is in your farms though it’s not susceptible to be taken from raids. If you are short on food I’d focus more on your attack team than your defence team and search for big food in raids and get food that way. (revenges are a good way to do this without spending food looking for opponents).


In this case my defence team is my attack team as they are the best and most upgraded toons I have,so any suggestions on how to improve it? I do Ok in raids,but some of the teams I’m running up against are impossible to defeat,for me at least.

I need help with making teams

Post your roster and what teams you’re looking to make

I’m not exactly sure on how to post my roster as it’s impossible to screenshot the entire roster at once,and it’s rather extensive… I could break it up into individual chunks,abut last time I did that with a small section,it very quickly became a “Let’s see who’s roster is larger” thread when multiple people began posting their rosters as well,for some reason.

Let’s say post your 6 star, 5 star, and best 4 stars.

Here’s my current roster than I consider good,and my idea with my current team was to bunch anyone that had a AR that did multiple damage to characters,buff that using Lester’s AR and then hopefully destroy the opposing team quickly,but when you encounter such things as Guardian,absolute defense and confuse,to name a few, that doesn’t work out so well. I also had a idea with a green team based around Audrey,but that’s still on the drawing boards,so to speak.



When you can , you need to ascend that maggie, but for the moment you dont have the characters save up any benidicts you get for ascension.
If i were in your postion it be tough as you are noticeably lacking in great leader characters but hopefully you wont be facing 6* teams, id probably go with Lori lead, 2 Lesters, Maggie and hershal and go for a time out aproach

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Yeah I’ve been thinking about ascending her for a while,but my stock of characters that have the revive skill is limited right now. Being able to revive a character I’ve found to be incredibly useful at times.

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