Team composition


Please limit toons to 5 individual toons. No need to face 3 or more negans for example.

This will help balance the game.



Never never never three negans will bleed out quick.

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Wont happen then people wont buy multiple promos its all about money never about balance


Payback Negans are easy I’d love to see a team of 3

Just a waste of money

Not everyone spends $1,000’s on this game to be able to beat multiple overpowered toons.

Some people still play the game because they enjoy it.

I’ve seen teams with 4 payback negan and they’re gone turn 3


Point out where the thousands went? I’ll wait

Tht will not beat the best teams out in the meta, guaranteed.


Who said anything about best teams in the meta? Look at the thread before you comment

This team beats multi payback pretty easily - one payback is generally harder than three imo as the other characters could be like a doc and Zachary instead which would be a much bigger issue.



Generally agree, until you face 3 Waylands in Arena and don’t have a disarm or revive, because then there is no way you are getting full score with 5 left standing.

yea I generally scout the 5 teams I am attacking then pick my team around them. Not a huge fan of the one team vs. 5 but at least you get to see whats coming up compared to Raids and War right now which is basically RNG what is going to be behind a Donny.


Disarm is so important for the Wayland teams that burn on his sword will destroy everyone

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You said that and that’s the next team that pops up in my war lol

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Haha good job you have Earl in there!

They should do this actually to make more money off Whales.New promo same ar stats as other characters just he looks different hahaha.

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