Team Combination

Hi, just kind of newbie question.

As a semi-newbie player, should I build my team according to traits or skills?
My problem right now is that, I usually have one yellow healer, and 4 blue attackers, but whenever I run into NPC with 5 green’s, my healer pretty much dies in the first round.

Please any suggestion?

Go for synergy above all else.

Red/blue and green/yellow teams go well together since most leader skills affect either melee or ranged.

If you’re talking about world stages you should be bringing nerve gas and tear gas vials. They last for two rounds (including the round you use them) and will make a huge difference. I usually run with basic replenish, those two vials, and smelling salts.

Edit: On world stages/road maps I’d also suggest requesting specific leaders from your faction. A red shield would carry you through those green stages.

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Mono color teams or 2:3 teams of 2 colors

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Build a team around your strongest characters.

Got a character with a great leader skill? Build a team which can use it. Got a character with a mega rush? Build a team to get them rushing harder and faster.

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Yeah I think it depends what your asking about like if you are talking about what happens in your fights in raids/wars or in what happens in things like survival road/worldmaps/roadmaps. Can go on and on but be better to really say what you really looking for.

I tend to build my teams around a toon with a good leader skill. If the leader skill boosts att/def of ranged, throw your best ranged in behind them. If it’s melee based, go with melee characters. There are some good rainbow leaders out there too. 4* blue Shane was one I used a lot. Upgrade & level what you use most and try to boost adrenaline rushes asap.

PS: You can make your own smelling salts when your workshop is level 11