Team C cheat bug

hello i am here to report a case of a cheating factions of the name of {bushido} on the server {Bamberg} cheating using the bug Team C in the middle of the war

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Please follow the instructions in the link to report cheating.

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What’s the bug c team🤷🏼‍♂️

I think he means team grade c as gen, but am guessing.

Or using an entire team of amped up Rays.

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I dont think this is cheating. Just scopely not knowing how to properly do match making. I dont blame people for doing it since it’s part of the game just like every other exploit. I’m personally just lazy to have an alt to do it. Lol.


Oh I agree, I dont think its cheating either

That’s not cheating it’s bad programming

This game has plenty of that

Not cheating, but definitely an exploit.

Also, Scopely previously confirmed they are taking action about it. Something about “improving the playing experience” or maybe it was “improving profits” but its being addressed so cool.


I think this is more likely what he meant, but the report is too vague to really be useful.

It’s what he meant

Hello jacky boy

Russian faction pcocp using it this time too. They jumped about 2 million points from last war using it. Wish Scopely would address it already.

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  • Our Team is still investigating the factions using low-level accounts to attempt and abuse the game matchmaking. If you, as a player, suspect a faction to do so, please let us know as soon as possible.

I confirm too they was cheating using this method

You don’t report it on the forums.

Please follow the instructions in the link to report cheating.

Also a way to hide your team before war.

It’s not cheating. I play on Bamberg but honestly I don’t care about it, because war reward are bad… (sorry bad English speaker XD)

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Neuneu de pignouf