Team building help required

I’m not the best with team building but I would like some pointers if anyone has the time to look over my characters. I need a defense team, raiding team, human attacking team, and walker killer team! Please note that my levels and tiers are all over the place on my toons.

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Walker slaying.

Magna lead
Darlene (crit boost, guardian)

Give all 30 crit + 20 crit when health greater than x, weapons

Build Darlene from the Ezekiel sword for speeding up her rush

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Sending you a pm :blush:

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Human stages are you talking gear? Going to he tough as u really need a good yellow or blue team.

For defense(for now): 4* Heath lead, Shiva, Michonne, Lester, and Command Morgan
Sam/Sherry lead, tutor Maggie, Miraboobs, Decap Romanov, and Cain

Honestly I can’t remember what 4s toons do any more.

Nothing really, I’m assuming she’s in a new region so they might have some use.
Otherwise, they’re useless

I’m in Bullock @AlphaWolf

I’m more or less talking general stages. I’m stuck in world. Can’t get past 20.6. This is my current set up right now @Wanderer


Use Shiva lead for 30 atk 30 Def. Enemies get tanky. Need to keep your toons alive. Command Morgan and lester are great additions for heal and buff. Fill in other 2 as it makes sense.

Use Cain for hurt heal.

Bulloch eh? My region fought you guys during crw, I’d recommend you try to level your guys up and get a 6* or two. Craft some decent weps too, don’t think 4* or 5* lead teams(PVP wise) will last long in Bulloch.

For 20.6 (assuming that’s walkers) bring anyone with a crit lead then have the last 4 spots for crit buffer and healers

My region is bullock not bulloch

Get 6*s

Done… lol

No that’s some great help there. Good luck

Where is your Pirate Zeke? He was a free ascendable.
Put him on every single team. For real, Faction Assault he’s the best one there is, same with defense and attack and SR

Alpha is a close 2nd best toon in the game right now

Oh, my bad. If Bullock is relatively new, you should be fine with 4*'s and 5*'s but get a 6* or 2 if you can sometime

Change one of your items to “Sharpshooter” to get 20 crit for three turns. It’ll allow you to get a crit bonus right away instead of waiting for the initial rush.

So for Stage 20 - 6 bring this :

Lead : Anyone who can give crit and/or bonus ap when attacking. Your yellow 4* Siddiq can do both and I know Abbie has decent crit as a leader too

Last 4 :
Darlene - AR with 50 Crit for 3 turns (Need to have this persons AR close to max)
Green Siddiq - 45 Crit AR for 3 turns (Needs to have this persons AR close to max), and a resurrection in-case the start gets rough if you happen to not have many crits before you get your buffs on.
Red Eugene - Ranged for obstacles, with another crit AR.
Chad - Ranged for obstacles, Command to make sure you can get your initial crit buffs going asap.

Bloody Shirts
Nerve Gas Vial
Smelling Salts or Elegant Incense (Smelling Salts should be more than enough)

Weapon :
Each person should have the highest crit weapon no matter what other stats are.

The Strat :
Use shirts when needed only. If you happen to come melee heavy with all walkers behind something at the start and/or have unlucky crits at the start before your ARs can go off these come in handy. If luck still isnt on yoru side use 1 of the guts. If you happen to be as lucky as Wile E Coyote then just make sure you can save a bloody shirt for Green Siddiq to ress everyone if you can get control again. At this point you should always have the option to have the 50 crit buff going from your Green Siddiq or Darlene.

Hope this helps.