Team building help please

I could use some help in team building and who I should upgrade, etc. please and thank you!



Only one to worry about is Erika.Try to get tyreese and governor (soon) from supply depot and siddiq from blue ascendancy. That will give you a decent attack team. Defense will get mowed but that is just the way it is at the moment.


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Agreed with Jim_Mac. That’s assuming all you want is offense and defense though.

Did you need walkers, humans, etc?

Both preferable

Make sure you’re working on them rushes

Kelly lead, Erika, Sheriff Rick, Maggie, Connor as your anti walker team. Very high base crit, gets past barricades, has a few heals and a few crit boost rushes. Be sure to use crit weapons like Spec Ops SMGs or camo pistols, and bring crit boosting and camo items (sharpshooters, bloody shirts) and revive items in case Erika goes down

Erika lead, Bruce, Zachary, green Sandy, and your favorite 5th against humans. Use Bruce to stun and Zach to neutralize and keep humans from rushing. I said to use Sandy for her command skill and aoe rush, but you can use a ranged instead so they can be boosted by Erika. That will also help you if using defense and offense boosting items for ranged toons (stamina boost, sharpshooter, hollow points, etc). Bring revive items, tear gas, nerve gas, offense boost, or defense boost items depending on how strong they are

For farming, you want a dropper lead. Sheriff Rick and Bo are droppers. You can use Rick as lead instead of Kelly for the anti walker team to farm low level walker stages. Bo is more suited to humans, and your melee toons aren’t as strong as your ranged, so I’d stick with S.Rick lead for now

Hope that helps!

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