Team building exercise, where are the roster gurus? Lol


I’ve created a few good teams outta this roster just want to see what y’all come up with.


Garrett, magna, tyreese, jesus, lee

Erika, magna, garrett, jesus, lee

Carl, jesus, kal, tyreese, koa

Carl, marlon, shiva, tyreese, kal

Garrett, marlon, lee, jesus, tyreese

Wanderer, erika, garrett, lee, magna

Ascend: in this order
Anna, viktor, blue andrea, Hershel, alpha

Note: i try to avoid using t2 6*


garret ,jesus, magna, yellow tyreese and marlon… give marlon some defense class hp and D mods with an impair resist so that he survives and rushes.


Gator Shane Lee hershal wanderer


I’m pretty sure with your roster it wasn’t that hard to build a def


Defemse: Carl lead, Jesus, Marlon, yellow Tyreese, Kal


I would go garret over Carl


Give you def for double shield


Attack… I might try: Abe lead, Kal, Marlon, Tyreese, Alpha